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Elizabeth (Liz) DeJongh, MS, is an employee health professional who prefers to take off her expert hat, engage in real conversations, completely wrap her brain around what clients need, and then blow them away with seemingly simple, yet solid and evidence-based solutions perfectly tailored for their situation. See her full bio...

Liz DeJongh specializes in helping employees take charge of their health, live lifestyles they deserve, and perform at the top of their game - both personally and professionally.

Because when employees win, so do their families, employers, and health care providers.

Can you relate?
  • You want your employees to feel like they are missing out if they don't participate in your wellness programs rather than obligated to because of carrots and sticks...
  • You would love to incorporate targeted, personalized programs at the workplace in the midst of the necessary one-size-fits-all events like flu shots, HRAs, and health campaigns...
  • You wish there was a way to intertwine hope, help, and heart into the "evidence-based best practice" approaches to health because you recognize education, medication, and recommendations only go so far...
  • You outsource wellness coaching, disease management, and EAP services — not because a lot of employees use or love it - but because you're supposed to and don't know what else to offer...
  • You agree with the "coaching" concept, but c'mon, already! It would be nice if coaches and clients could get to the point, get better, and get on with it... a little (okay, a lot!) faster.

Be encouraged! You are in the right place. All products and services — including the clever Mind.Set.Goal!™ turn-key coaching program - have been designed and tailored by someone who understands. See what clients and colleagues are saying...

Mind. Set. Goal!

Health Coaching Designed for Clinics & Corporations

Coaching is an awesome concept. It meets people where they are at, sets them up for success, and empowers them to discover their own solutions to their hardest (often health-related) hurdles in life. It works! The only problem is this: typically, the process is too long and too slow and reaches only one person at a time. That is... until now! Until Mind.Set.Goal!™

This clever, turn-key coaching series enables clients to transform their health — and their perspective — from the inside out... in 7 strategically designed, interactive sessions. With numerous delivery options and the ability to serve individuals and groups, Mind.Set.Goal!™ is the perfect coaching solution for companies, clinics, and corporations... who operate on a tight agenda and an even tighter timeline.

How else I can help

Not all companies have the expertise and money to run robust wellness programs, yet they value workplace health just the same. If your small or mid-size company wants to get up-to-speed on wellness by capitalizing on the strengths, people, and resources it already has in place, then you're in the right place. Together, we can make this happen without adding more to someone's already full plate.
No one likes to be told what to do; people prefer their own way. Our Wellness Change Sessions enable people to discuss how and why they - personally - want to feel better, eat well, move more, and handle challenges in stride. Discovering their own motivation, participants empower themselves to change habits and improve their health and life. See a sample listing of Change Sessions.
Health campaigns - when done right - are great for keeping wellness at the forefront of people's minds. An effective campaign is one that is fun, fresh, challenging, and.. simple! Well Simplified LLC designs and offers such campaigns, customizes them based on client needs, and ensures they are both simple to participate in and simple to administer. See a snapshot from our Workday 30/30 Challenge.
Could you, your department, some coworkers, or perhaps a group of friends benefit from coaching via the Mind.Set.Goal!™ series, and you'd rather not wait for it to be offered by your employer or clinician? No problem. We'd be happy to get this 7-session series into your hands... and thus, into your mind and into your life. There are only a few criteria: 1) no shoulding on yourself or others, 2) no believing the lie that health has to look a certain way, and 3) no pressuring yourself to do anything that's not already inside of you... waiting to be revealed. See testimonials from individual coaching clients and Mind.Set.Goal!™ clients.
Are you looking for a speaker to talk about "health" at your next conference, event, or strategic planning session? I'll let you in on a secret... your audience already knows they need to exercise, eat fruits and veggies, de-stress, and balance work and life better. They don't need to hear it again. (Really... they get it!) Instead, help them figure out how to be "that" person... the one who likes him/herself, doesn't have to work so hard at health, takes life in stride, gets work done, is fun, has purpose and perspective, doesn't feel guilty over a cookie, sleeps, and actually enjoys exercise without obsessing over it. That's what health really is... that's what they really want... and that's what I aim to deliver. Want more insight into my way of thinking? Read my blog. Or better yet, call me so we can talk.
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